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Let the Good Times Roll

By Mirna Youssef
Features Editor

To most college students, their phone is their life. Not only because it houses their favorite social media, games, emails and notes, but also their photographs. Your photos will always mean something and you will have that moment forever. Here are this week’s LIU Post student’s favorite photo on their phones:

“This is my favorite photo because for the past four years my family has supported my decisions when it comes to skating and school!” Ashley Farino, senior criminal justice major.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.07.58 AM
Photo Courtesy of Ashley Farino

“I don’t know why I would go feed swans when I’m terrified of them but being adventurous during the warm weather was a nice change of events.” Marisa Vessenmeyer, freshman biology major.

Photo Courtesy of Marisa Vessenmeyer
Photo Courtesy of Marisa Vessenmeyer

This is my favorite picture because speaking at Relay finally gave me the opportunity for my voice to be heard. Speaking in memory of my dad and being able to support and inspire others made my time at Post truly unforgettable!” Samantha Sterling, senior social work major.

Photo Emily Aldorasi
Photo Emily Aldorasi


“One of my favorite pictures is the one at Villa Roma, on a July Fourth vacation that captured a great moment with some longtime friends.” Kristina Frances, senior criminal justice major.

Photo Courtesy of Kristina Frances
Photo Courtesy of Kristina Frances


Share your favorite photograph on your phone too! Email it to us at: and tell us why it is important to you!



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