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Letter From the Editors

Dear Pioneers,

In the April 6 edition of The Pioneer, the headline for the women’s lacrosse article included unacceptable language, not appropriate for any college newspaper.

The Pioneer deeply regrets publishing, and even considering, the headline, as it was highly offensive, of poor taste and had no journalistic value.

As members of the Pioneer community, we are dedicated to follow all athletics teams in success as well as defeat. While insulting the players was by no means the intention, we realize and understand the headline was perceived that way.

To the women’s lacrosse team, we apologize for the use of the headline. Putting up a valiant effort against the no.1-ranked team in the country, and coming up only one goal short, is remarkable in and of itself. Our intention was not to cast any doubt on what has been a terrific season, and will be an even better one.

To all student-athletes and Pioneer alumni, we apologize for misrepresenting your “family;” to the university that we’re all part of, we feel extreme sorrow for causing a situation that could have easily been avoided.

The Pioneer’s goal is to be accurate, unbiased and interesting in informing the LIU community. In this case, we failed. This failure, however, will not deviate us away from our mission statement. In learning from this experience, we will strive to serve the students, faculty and staff truthfully and fairly. We do understand that words are very powerful.

The Pioneer’s doors are always open to discussions and feedback. We welcome everyone who feel affected …

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