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Little Winnick: Convenient Hours Without Convenient Prices

By Anastasia Fox
Staff Writer

LIU Post offers several on campus dining options, including Subway and Twisted Taco, but what about after hours? What about snacks? Where do you go when its 11:30 p.m. and you’re in the mood for an ice cream sandwich? Located in Winnick Student Center, Little Winnick functions as an on campus convenience store that stays open 5 days a week until midnight, after other campus dining options are closed. Yet, many students wonder if there’s much “convenience” in it at all.

By Anastasia Fox
Little Winnick o ers students the ability to grab a late night snack.

Little Winnick provides an array of products, ranging from food to sanitary products for women. When the shop is fully stocked, you can find at least four different cereals, several frozen food and snack options, along with shaving cream, Clorox bleach and shower gel.

“I think students love the store; there’s something in here for everyone,” an Aramark Employee said. Little Winnick, even offers vegan and vegetarian frozen food and snack options for students. They restock items every other Thursday and if there is something in particular that you want and don’t see, you can even tell a staff member who has a list of requests from students that they pass over to the manager.

But part of the appeal of a convenience store is the affordable prices, and some students think that Little Winnick may be lacking these. “I think the hours are convenient but some things are a little overpriced,” senior health information management major Denzel Rodney said. Items like Wheat Thins and Poptarts can be found not far from campus at Stop & Shop and while on campus a box of Wheat Thins can sell for $5.49, at Stop & Shop they are on sale for 2 for $6.00. Even the store’s best sellers, Oreos and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, are available at a slightly higher price than normal retail with more than $1.30 added to the price. Many students feel that although the prices are too high, they don’t have many options on campus.

But not all items are overpriced. A share size box of candy gummy worms can go for up to $3.50 at CVS, but on campus you can get a bag for $2.60. Little Winnick is open Thursday – Monday from 8 p.m. – 12 a.m.

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