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LIU Post to Host Global Game Jam

By Marissa Hoffmann
Staff Writer

From Friday, Jan. 29 through Sunday, Jan. 31, Post will be holding a 48-hour long Global Game Jam. The event is being held for the rst time, and will take place in the Long Island Room located downstairs in The Winnick Student Center.

Once participants arrive at the annual Global Game Jam, you are given a theme. After you get into a group, you and your teammates work together in designing and creating a digital or non-digital game.
“The Global Game Jam is an opportunity to meet new people, so participants are strongly encouraged to work with people they didn’t know before they came to the event,” said Ramiro Corbetta, Director of Digital Game Design and Development.

During the 48-hour weekend, one free meal will be provide for participants as well as snacks and water throughout the day. Upstairs in the Winnick Student Center the cafeteria will also be open during normal Friday through Sunday hours of 10-7. According to Corbetta, there will not be a lot of sleeping at the event. “Others might bring a sleeping bag and just catch some sleep at the Global Game Jam location.” The focus is to design and create a game, they can sleep when they get home.

Participants that attend have the opportunity to meet and work with others who share the same passion and interest of gaming as them. Eric Guadara, a graduate digital game design major, said, “The only payment is the time it takes to register on the Global Game Jam’s website.” The website to register is

Since this is the university’s rst year hosting this annual event, and it is the only location on Long Island hosting Global Game Jam, the school is expecting between 30-50 participants, but are hopeful for more. Participants can be students, or people from around the area that are interested in the event.

“We decided to host it because we believe that the Global Game Jam is a great opportunity for both LIU Post students and for the Long Island game development community to come together and create something in a short amount of time,” Corbetta said.

Awards will be given out at the end of the 48-hour event, but the goal of the Global Game Jam is to work together. “While the award is an honor, the real goal of the Game Jam is to make something interesting in a short amount of time,” Corbetta added.

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