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‘Moore’ Wins for Women’s Basketball

By Michael Otero
Sports Editor

The 2016-17 season will be the ninth season with Deirdre Moore at the helm. Since her hire as head coach in 2008-09, Moore has a record of 136-97. Moore and the women’s basketball team will look to grind out more wins this year and improve on last season’s downward spiral when the team went 5-23.

In order to stack up more wins, some things need to change. Coach Moore believes it starts with “focusing on being consistent and working hard.” If that is done, the Pioneers can live with the outcome. In terms of seeing better results on the court, Moore said, “The players, both old and new, have worked hard over the summer and off-season to improve their game.”

Last season, the Pioneers shot 36 percent from the field and would like to see an improvement in that area. Although only slightly better, the opposition shot 39 percent showing the team’s strength last season was definitely its defense. In terms of offensive efficiency though, the Pioneers are working on it. “We have been committed to more competitive shooting and extra shooting,” Moore said. “I also think shot selection will help us increase our efficiency and field goal percentage.”

One big way to improve efficiency on the offensive end is with the three-ball—the ultimate game changer. “I LOVE the three point shot on offense and hate it on defense,” Moore said. “To me the three point shot is a possession and a half. I like to shoot it on offense and we have to defend it well on defense.” A season ago, the Pioneers made and gave up five three-pointers per game. Moore also added that she has some very good shooters with prowess from deep, and it will surprise people how much better they are this year in that department compared to last season.

The Pioneers under Coach Moore have some goals for this season, three of them as a matter of fact. They are keeping them private for now, perhaps using it as motivation. “I would like to see my team compete with the most effort, and intelligently,” Moore said. “One goal that I have is for us to be in our conference tournament and make it back to the National Tournament…I would like to be one of the better teams in our conference and region.”

The Pioneers and Coach Moore tip-off the regular season Friday, Nov. 11, against Pace University at 5 p.m. at the Pratt Recreation Center.

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