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Movie Review: Happy Death Day

By Victoria Onorato
Staff Writer

“Happy Death Day” is a horror movie that focuses on protagonist Tree Gelbman and her experience of reliving the day of her death repeatedly. She must relive the same day until she uncovers the identity of her murderer. However, regardless if she changes her location each day, the culprit finds and kills her. 

The movie is similar to “Groundhog Day,” with the motif of repeating the same day; viewers get that idea after seeing the trailer. The difference between “Groundhog Day” and “Happy Death Day” is that “Groundhog Day” portrays the main character re-living the day to get it right, and “Happy Death Day” depicts the main character solving her own murder.

“Happy Death Day” shadows “Groundhog Day” with their protagonists having a stuck-up attitude and experiencing character development throughout the film. The beginning had a few predictable ‘jump scares’, but the film also had a variety of enjoyable elements. The movie has hints of comedy, action, and an emotional twist with the character Tree. It’s suspenseful and has audience members pondering, “who is the killer?”

Junior broadcasting major Andrew Servedio saw the premiere of the movie on Friday, Oct. 13. “It’s interesting to see how the story played out every time she woke up. It kept you on the edge of your seat to figure out who the killer was,” Servedio said.

Alumna Nicole Bjarnason (’17), also saw the movie during its opening week and loved it. “It was a perfect, light-hearted mixture of comedy and horror and even managed to end with a positive message,” she said.

“Happy Death Day” is playing at Broadway Multiplex Cinemas, AMC Roosevelt Field and other nearby theaters. This movie is great for getting into the Halloween spirit.

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