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Movie Review: The Nun

By Tashina Tappin

Contributing Writer

The fifth film in “The Conjuring” series, “The Nun” made quite an impact on its opening weekend Sept. 6. “The Nun” had one of the highest domestic box office opening weekends, bringing in $53.5 million, making it one of “The Conjuring” franchise’s best openings thus far. With a budget of only $22 million, it is steadily exceeding expectations.

With some returning cast members from the other movies in “The Conjuring” series and a vast amount of new faces, many of these actors are not new to the horror genre. This is the first of “The Conjuring” installments directed by Corin Hardy. The leading nun, Sister Irene, is played by Taissa Farmiga, a regular member of the “American Horror Story” franchise. She brings some of that expert suspenseful acting to the big screen.

The premise of the movie starts when a young Romanian nun takes her own life to out run some unspeakable evil. A priest with a twisted past and a novitiate on the verge of her final vows are sent to Romania by the Vatican to investigate the unsettling death. Together they uncover the mysteries plaguing the Abbey. They risk not only their lives, but their souls to confront an evil power in the form of a demonic Nun.

If you are into classic horror then this film is right up your alley. Freshman Philisha Renwick walked into the theater with high expectations after having seen the previous installments of “The Conjuring” series.

Philisha Renwick and Ej Nweke

“The Nun was a great movie. Some of the scenes were scary, it made me jump out of my seat,” Renwick said. Senior Ej Nweke had nothing more to say than “the movie was lit.”

“The Nun’s” frightening and jump worthy scenes will leave you gasping for your next breath. This horror, along with with dark run arounds and nerve scraping sound effects, will leave you having less than holy nightmares.

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