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One Step Forward, or Two Steps Back: Early Spring Registration

Jada Butler
Staff Writer

It might never be too early to get a head start on your spring schedule, yet some students seem to disagree.

Success coaches sent out emails just three weeks into the fall semester, informing their students that pre-registration for Spring 2017 has begun. Furthermore, the emails stated appointments should be made between Sept. 28 and Oct. 7 for students who would rather have a walk-through with their success coach than register online.

Photo by Paola Guzman The Promise Office in Hillwood Commons
Photo by Paola Guzman
The Promise Office in Hillwood Commons

But, according to Beth Wilkow, associate dean of university registrar, pre-registration takes place during the second week of October. The email sent by the registrar conflicts with the emails sent by the success coaches, which gave different times to set up a spring schedule. Some students had already met with their success coaches before the appropriate scheduling time suggested by Wilkow, and were only able to register then.

So, the question of timing pops up. Why are the success coaches pushing pre- registration so early?

“Early enrollment provides the most opportunity for students to plan their schedules,” Wilkow said. Meeting early on with advisors to review the program and plan ensures that students are taking appropriate courses leading up towards graduation.

Some students appreciate the early registration. “I’m glad I got it out the way,” said Alexia Bridgett, a freshman dance major. Others, have concerns about potential changes in meeting days and times for classes after the early registration date.

Many classes on the spring schedule do not yet have assigned teachers or times. Yet Wilkow said it’s “not unusual” that all professors’ names are not listed, as teaching schedules are still being finalized.

While students are notified by the Registrar’s staff when changes occur, having two required classes that run simultaneously, may result in taking an extra semester to complete them all.

Despite the instructions from the Promise Office to begin registration earlier than normal, a few students would argue the later the better. Damario Hussey, a freshman bio-anesthesia major, said, “They should wait a little longer because people may want to change their majors.”

Pre-registration has already taken place, though some students haven’t stepped foot in the Promise office yet, for reasons ranging from laziness to indecisiveness. The question then becomes, how early do you need to be?


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