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“Overwatch” Meta in Ashes

By Josh Tolentino

Staff Writer

“Overwatch”, the popular competitive first-person-shooter, released its 29th hero, Ashe, a gun-slinging bandit and the leader of the notorious Deadlock Gang. The hero was recently released on competitive play and has already made an impact on the meta.

Ashe is the hitscan character that players need. With the game falling into tank based compositions, things were starting to look a little bland. Ashe’s primary weapon is a semi-automatic rifle, with a scope making it effective at all ranges. This allows her to contest other snipers in the game and as well as fend off flankers. Her secondary weapon is a close range shotgun with incredible knockback, allowing players to control the fight and create space for teamfights.

What makes Ashe unique is her ability to attack with dynamite, which can be lobbed a short distance and detonate after a few seconds. However, players can detonate it sooner by shooting it with their rifle.

The tank meta has already seen some changes. Popular streamer, now ranked the best Ashe in the world, Kephrii, has made an impact on hero picks. Ashe is able to disrupt enemy tactics with ease while still maintaining a safe distance.

Ashe is far from an easy hero to master. Players will have to get used to her primary weapon, which takes long to reload. Aim is the name of the game when you’re running Ashe, because of her reload time it is imperative that you clip enemies as soon as possible. She is one of the least forgiving heroes in the game, without a stun as well as having a large hitbox, you can spend most of the game respawning.

Ashe is an excellent edition to the roster that will for sure shake up team compositions. Most players are skeptical about the new hero. However with a new kit and a lot of explosions it will be hard to resist playing as her.

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