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Pet Of The Week: Meet Chloe and Lucky!

By Victoria Onorato
Staff Writer

Chandler Bianco, a nutrition major who is president of Theta Chi fraternity, is the owner of two dogs, Chloe and Lucky. Chloe, three, is an australian shepherd. Since Bianco got Chloe at Shake-A-Paw, the two have developed a strong bond. Chloe has a variety of talents, Bianco said. “ Chloe can herd animals, can solve puzzles, fetch really well, she can ‘sing’ [howl], dance, and cry on command like all the good actresses.”

Courtesy of Chandler Bianco

In addition to Chloe’s talents, Bianco also admires Chloe’s dominance. “My favorite thing about Chloe is her personality and the coloring of her eyes. They are a sky-blue and brown, and she has so much life in her that looking into her eyes shows she’s always thinking and being mysterious,” Bianco said.

Bianco’s other dog is Lucky, a seven year-old cockapoo. Bianco got Lucky at a breeder and was inspired by the Nintendo DS game ‘Nintendogs’ when coming up with the name Lucky. “The really generic dog name in the game was Lucky, and my parents decided that was the name for her,” Bianco said.

Bianco compared the personality of Lucky to a grumpy grandma. Despite that attitude, “she has white paws and a mustache. She is a light and soft dog good for cuddling,” Bianco said. Lucky’s talent, according to Bianco, is ‘barking all day and never getting tired of it.’

Chloe and Lucky compliment each other: Chloe is a high energy and Lucky is reserved. “Both tend to like each other’s company. Chloe is very jealous of Lucky, so if Lucky is [being] pet, Chloe runs to you and tries to get your attention.”

One of Bianco’s favorite activities with his dogs is to play soccer. Having multiple dogs has become a routine that Bianco has taken on with his mother. “Two dogs can be a handful, but it’s humbling knowing that if my mom or I aren’t home that Lucky and Chloe keep each other company,” Bianco said.

Bianco spent time away from his dogs over the summer when volunteering in Africa and found it dificult to be away. “The hardest part of the trip was being away from my dogs. I missed them dearly,” Bianco said.

Bianco is satisfied that his dogs are females, but that if his “pupperonis” [puppies] were boys, “I would do everything in my presidential power to make sure they would be in my fraternity,” he said.

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