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Pet of the Week: Meet Mango!

By Molly Cunha
Staff Writer

Anyone who knows Sarah Anthony, a sophomore psychology major, knows she is obsessed with her dog, Mango. Now we know why.

Mango, who just turned 11 on Oct. 4, is a white, fluffy maltese with hair that is kept short, especially around the ears, and “a tongue that is way too big for his mouth, so it always hangs out.” The only pet in his house, he lives on a cul-de-sac in New Jersey with the Anthony family.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Anthony

Originally from St. Louis, Mango has lived a lavish life ever since he was own east. This “sassy” maltese has a strong personality, according to Sarah, who says that he is also “judgmental” and “has his own set of ways.”

Mango’s favorite things to do are urinating on his bed when he’s mad at his family, taking short walks, and getting dressed up and having photos taken of him. He goes to the groomer once a week, and has a photo session each time.

Mango gets upset with Sarah for living on campus and misses her while she is away each semester. He tends to go into her bedroom while she is away and proceed to carry the garbage he finds throughout the house. If Sarah could have one conversation with her dog, she said that she would confront him about his hostility towards her.

However, when the two are together, Sarah’s favorite thing to do with him is “play tag.”

However, he comes to as many field hockey games as he can with Sarah’s mom, Doris, who brings him in a travel purse. He is a big fan of LIU Post and wears his green and gold scarf to the weekend games.

For funny pictures and updates on Mango’s life, follow him on Instagram @mango_mangs !

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