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By Randall Taylor
Contributing Writer

Love, happiness, sadness, peacefulness, contempt, anger, rage, kindness, determination.
They are all pieces. Pieces of us.
But are the pieces always meant to fit?
My love has always made you a piece of me as yours has always made me a piece of you.
Our love is a broken puzzle.
I wanna line the pieces up…
Yours and mine…
Some of the pieces don’t t you say?
Well that’s okay because the pieces don’t always have to fit the same way.
Let’s make a new puzzle.
Some pieces we’ll throw away and some we’ll cherish.
No matter the pieces the picture will always be the same.
We’ve broken each other’s hearts countless times…
Possibly an even bigger puzzle than the world itself.
I have a new way to put the puzzle known as forever together again…
Laugh your joy into my despair.
Cry your sorrow into my comfort.
Together this puzzle will be a piece of the biggest mystery of all: Life.
The journey will take time but I am no longer alone because you became my final piece…
No longer a puzzle as with you I am complete.

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