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Pioneer Bids Farewell to Graduating Staff

Last updated on Apr 19, 2017

By Kristina Huderski
Features Editor

Being a part of the college newspaper is special. You become close with your team and form a dependable bond with one another. When you reach the end of your senior year, you realize that these are your last stories in the Pioneer, and although you may be happy that the stress will be gone, a feeling of sadness overcomes you, knowing you’ll see your name in the paper for the final time.

Photo by Caroline Ryan Graduating Pioneer staff members
Photo by Caroline Ryan – Graduating Pioneer staff members

The Pioneer is losing some seniors this year who have worked hard to make the weekly campus paper possible. Although they are graduating, they have taught their fellow writers and editors skills to keep the Pioneer successful. The experience they have gained working for the Pioneer has prepared them for their future. The work and determination that these seniors have contributed show that they are ready to move on to greater things.

What did their time with the Pioneer mean to them? Thomas Gillen, the co-editor-in-chief, said, “One of my favorite things about being a member of the Pioneer is the camaraderie between the staff members. Joining the Pioneer gives you the opportunity to be part of a team in order to put together a successful paper each week.” Gillen continued, “While it’s a very long process each week, I’ll probably miss doing layout the most. It’s interesting to see the issue start as a basic document and then turn into a full-edged newspaper over the course of five or six hours.” As for Gillen’s plans for the future, he said, “Once I graduate, I’ll continue working as a video editor at NeuLion, but would eventually like to write for television or become a screenwriter.”

Joseph Iemma, a staff writer and previous features editor, said, “Writing for the Pioneer has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Aside from writing, it’s taught me skills that I’ll use in the workplace and [with] friends forever. It’s been an honor to write for the Post community.”

Paul Whitbeck, the layout editor, said, “Being the layout editor for the Pioneer was a valuable experience that made me feel more confident as a graphic designer. It allowed me to apply what I’ve learned in school to a real world application and I am happy to have made some small contribution to the college during my time as a student.” When Whitbeck graduates, he plans to work full time at Data Device Corporation. “Throughout my career, I will always take with me what I’ve learned [at the Pioneer],” he said.

Thomas Asbaty, a staff writer said, “The Pioneer has taught me a lot within my major and has turned me into a man. In the future, Asbaty hopes to, “join the radio and television world.”

Nicole Curcio, the news editor said, “Working for the Pioneer has offered me real experience that has prepared me for reporting post-graduation. I have learned from my fellow writers and professor, and will definitely miss my Pioneer family. When Curcio graduates, she hopes to, “work professionally as a dancer on Broadway and in sports entertainment.”

Shelby Townsend, the sports editor said, [while at the Pioneer] “I’ve learned a lot about how fast-paced journalism really is, and I think everything I learned will prepare me for any type of job I may have in the future. Although Townsend doesn’t have a job lined up yet, she would love to “end up in print or broadcast journalism, preferably in NYC.”

Thank you, seniors, for all of your hard work. Good luck in the future and may it always be bright. The Pioneer staff will miss you!

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