Pioneer Writers Win Folio Awards


Congratulations to Pioneer writers Kristina Huderski and Jacqueline Escobar, who have won 2018 Folio Awards! Jackie, a freshman, has won for her feature story, “To Counter Prejudice? Excellence is the Answer: Overcoming the Labels,” published on Nov. 14, 2017 Kristina, a senior, has won for her feature story, “Dance Student Takes on Broadway,” published on Feb. 21, 2017.

Jackie and Kristina will accept their awards at the Fair Media Council’s Folio Awards ceremony at the Garden City Hotel on March 21.

Photo by Nick Tangorra
Kristina Huderski, senior broadcasting major
Photo by Nick Tangorra
Jacqueline Escobar, freshman education major


  1. Congratulations to Kristina Huderski and Jacqueline Escobar for continuing the Pioneer’s long and proud legacy.

    Mike Gannon
    Class of ’87
    Queens Chronicle

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