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Post Finalist at NY State Economics Association

By Jada Butler
Staff Writer

Not every student is given the opportunity to work alongside their professor in independent undergraduate research, but Oliver Hollingsaeter, a senior Economics major and member of the men’s soccer team, was among the lucky ones.

Photo by Veronika Dolar
Photo by Veronika Dolar

In a year-long association with assistant professor of Economics, Veronika Dolar, Hollingsaeter entered the New York State Economics Association undergraduate research competition and made it as a finalist. “I am passionate about undergraduate research and I try to mentor good research projects,” Dolar said.

Hollingsaeter’s paper, titled “Corporate Sustainability and Performance of Norwegian and Swedish Firms Using Dow Jones Sustainability Index” was the only paper submitted by LIU that made it to the finalist position.

All in all there were four papers selected, one was from a students studying at Williams College – the most selective liberal arts college in the nation – and another one from UCLA. “Oliver was really placed in a group of students with very impressive backgrounds,” Dolar said, seeing this feat as “quite an achievement” for Hollingsaeter.

Hollingsaeter was the first to present that day, and was given the opportunity to meet with his discussant before the presentation began.

“I thought I was going to be more nervous,” Hollingsaeter said. With the competition being at Farmingdale State College, beginning at 7 a.m., and Hollingsaeter having a soccer game that same day at 11 a.m., there was much to be nervous about. Hollingsaeter said that meeting with his discussant “calmed his nerves.”

“Oliver is a very hard-working student,” Dolar said. “Given the fact that he is also playing for our soccer team, he had to develop strong skills with his time management as well,” she continued.

Just after presenting, Hollingsaeter had to rush to make it to his soccer game. He was informed the winner was the student from Williams College via email.

Hollingsaeter encourages students to take on the opportunity to do research if it arises. “The opportunity to do undergrad research is amazing,” he shared. “It is the best thing on my resume.”

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