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Post’s Unsung Heroes: Behind The Scenes Are Made For Stars

By Tiffany Miller
Staff Writer

Tim Dougherty earned a bachelor of arts degree in history and education in 2004 and a master of arts in political science in 2008 from LIU Post. He first started working at LIU in data-entry and administrative positions while in undergrad, he now serves as the director of the department of offices services for the University Center, LIU Post, Brooklyn, and Brentwood. He has worked at LIU for 20 years and makes it his responsibility to deliver the resources the campus requires to improve the lives of its students.

Photo by Tiffany Miller
Tim Dougherty, director of department services for University Center.

Dougherty supervises a staff of 17 people, and is responsible for managing an annual budget of almost $1 million. The mail office, located in the basement of Pell Hall, is responsible for processing all mail, ordering cases of paper, creating campus directories, brochures, exams, commencement materials, admission material, processing payrolls for all faculty and students, issuing W-2’s and more. “We are here to assist professors in their goals to teach the students, there’s no better job than that and I’m honored LIU chose me to help fulfill its mission,” Dougherty said. As a former student, he understands how expensive a private university can be, which is why he makes it his mission to reduce cost by completing task on their own without the assistance of costly outside vendors.

An important and highly sensitive part of his job is supporting professors during finals week, where he is responsible for preparing exam materials for all of the campuses. What does he do to avoid the cheating scandals that have occurred at universities across the nation? “I value the academic integrity of our university, not only are our doors locked when no one is in the office, all exams are stored in a metal cage and locked at all times, they may only be picked up by the professor teaching the course,” he said. As a director, it can be challenging to supervise staff and making it a healthy environment. For Dougherty, the most important skills are great communication and transparency with his staff.

Dougherty has exciting goals for the future. He would like to open an LIU Office Center in Hillwood Commons, where students may receive the same services they get at FedEx or UPS. “I want students to be able to make colored copies on campus, or send packages directly from the university,” he said. He has earned two degrees from LIU and is honored to give back and serve the same university that offered him endless possibilities.


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