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Post’s Unsung Heroes: Behind The Scenes Are Made For Stars

By Tiffany Miller
Staff Writer

Christine Henrickson, a clerk in the office services department who assists professors with all of their photocopying needs, has worked at LIU Post for more than 31 years. A native of Manhasset, she chose to work at LIU due to the proximity to her home. Later, she came to know and love the community she works with. She often makes over 1000 copies a week, including printing and binding services, not only for faculty at LIU Post, but also at LIU Brentwood and LIU Brooklyn.

Photo by Tiffany Miller
Christine Henrickson, a clerk in the office services department.

When students receive a syllabus on the first day of classes, handouts, and exams, they are unaware that it is Henrickson’s job to ensure that those materials are ready and accurate for their professors to distribute. “I really love my job, I’m treated well and it’s fulfilling to help the students receive important materials needed while furthering their education,” Henrickson said. Her office in the basement of Pell Hall is equipped with two large, heavy duty machines that must be programmed to handle this type of volume. When asked about the most challenging part of her job, Henrickson mentioned the paper cuts, but also“the fear of making mistakes.” Her job is truly fulfilling for her, its keeps her busy Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and also offers her job security. Despite the move to online classes, professors still distribute multiple handouts.

Liz Follano, a graduate assistant in the art therapy department, relies on Henrickson for her photocopying needs.“When I need something right away, I can always count on Christine, she’s organized, works quickly, and never says no,” Follano said. Departments must send in requests for copies to be made at least three days in advance due to the heavy volume and tight deadlines that must be met. This doesn’t stop Christine from going above and beyond to meet the needs of the campus. She also handles copying for administrators, as well as professors. The biggest events of the year, including open houses, commencement, the LIU gala, and honor society ceremonies are all a part of her work. They are important to the staff of offices services because their audience includes university executives, donors and parents who pay the tuition bills.

Tim Dougherty, the director of office services, has worked with Henrickson as a colleague and most recently as a supervisor. “Christine is a wonderful employee, she’s never late nor calls in sick,” he said. “I can leave the campus and know everything will be attended to with no issues.”.


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