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Post’s Unsung Heroes: The Hero In A Hat

By Kylie Garrett
Staff Writer

Need a break in between class or just your regular pick me up in the morning? The LIU Post Starbucks in Hillwood Commons has just that, and more. Not only is this Starbucks serving up drinks but it is serving up smiles as well.

Hidden away behind the counter is one lady who loves her job.

Photo by Kylie Garrett
Marleine Luberiss, Starbucks employee

A worker in a green apron and black hat frantically makes each customers drink exactly as they order. She stands directly behind the counter going back and forth between machines to make the drinks. After finishing an order she yells out the name on the cup and as the customer grabs the drink from her hand, she smiles and says, “Hello, how is your day?” As the line grows longer, her anxiety grows with it. Taking deep breaths in between each order. Even though the line is getting longer she doesn’t let that get in the way of her genuine conversations when each customer walks up to receive their drink. The smile never leaves her face.

Marleine Luberiss wakes up at a quarter to 5 and drives thirty minutes everyday to get to work on time and sometimes arrives early to serve the students early. “I like to make coffee for the students, and I try to come early everyday so I can serve them early and make them happy. I know when they have coffee in the morning that helps them a lot.” Being a mother and wife has helped her become the woman she is when it comes to work, it has made her believe that she is here to serve Luberiss said.

She takes her job seriously and can’t imagine being anywhere else besides LIU. “Marleine keeps you on track during the rush she makes life easier and always makes sure everything is in stock and running smoothly,” Co-Worker Sasha Patterson said.

One thing Luberiss may not know is that her smile is contagious and can be the difference in a student having a much better day than they were having before seeing her. Sophomore political science major, Samantha Dunn loves coffee and goes to Starbucks at least 6 days out of the week. Dunn sees Luberiss almost every morning and has never had a bad drink. “Going to Starbucks starts my day off good and gets me ready for class. Marleine always has a huge smile on her face which always puts me in a good mood, and then going to class doesn’t seem so bad,” Dunn said. “It’s also amazing how out of all of the drinks I have ordered throughout my years here, they have always been made to perfection thanks to Marliene,” she added.

“I enjoy to work here,” Luberiss said. She has been serving the community of LIU for seventeen years now, and has every intention on staying and continuing doing what she loves.

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