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Potholes on Campus Drive

By Dondre Lemon & Kyhara Jeanty
Assistant News Editor & Staff Writer

With winter coming to a close and the weather getting warmer, potholes seem to be everywhere, including on campus roads. Heading towards the south of campus, next to the football field, a large pothole on Campus Drive is leading drivers to drive on the opposite lane and into oncoming traffic to avoid it.

Photo by Dondre Lemon
Potholes on campus drive force drivers to use the opposite lane.

Students have noticed the potholes on campus. “They are really bad and annoying to try and avoid,” Lisa Jenkins, a junior broadcasting major, said. “Potholes are known to damage your car and we spend a lot of money on repairs, tires get blown out from the huge impact of the pothole and can ruin your transmission,” she said.

According to Roy Fergus, director of facilities services, “potholes form due to snow or rain falling on the road, and rapid freezing and unfreezing overnight. Over time the ground will crumble and cause holes in the pavement.”

The pothole on Campus Drive was created by a water main, or underground pipe, break and will be “repaired once the weather gets warmer,” Fergus said. With the weather taking an unpredictable turn later in the week, he is unsure when the reparations will take place.

“The water company is responsible for fixing the pothole after repairs,” Fergus said. The school is planning to do a temporary fi

x of the road, although an exact date has not yet been chosen. “It does depend on the weather for the repair to take place,” he said. Fergus recommends that students call facilities services if they notice any other problems on campus.

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