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Procrastination: We’re All Guilty of it

By Gillian Pietrowski
Assistant Features Editor

There is no denying it at this point; procrastination gets to everyone at some point or another. For some reason, calling off our assignments until the last day sounds like an amazing idea until that last day comes and you end up stressed out, and pull an all nighter to get it done. So why do we always end up waiting till the last second even though we know what torture we will put ourselves through?

“I certainly do [procrastinate] sometimes, especially when it comes to studying or homework. I would go to do it, but then I would decide to push the work back a little,” Gianna Leone, a freshman health science major said.

Leone also has an idea as to why so many of us leave ourselves with very little time to finish our work, “I definitely think we procrastinate so much is because of social media. We are always using our phones,” she said.

There are a few ways to avoid procrastination, but it might take some dedication and strong will power to do it. Try organizing your work throughout the week. Do a little bit each day leading up to the day your assignment or test so when it comes to the end you won’t need to scramble to get it all done in one day.

Leone has a suggestion on how to help too, “I think the best thing to do when your doing homework or studying is to put your cell phone on silent and out of sight so your not tempted to use it,” Leone said. Separating yourself from all of your distractions can be extremely helpful in order to get your work done in a reasonable amount of time.

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