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Professor Change-Up

By Alec Matuszak
Assistant News Editor

As the Pioneer reported last week, beloved psychology professor and chairperson of the psychology department, Gerald Lachter, passed away unexpectedly on Oct. 12. Professor Lachter was teaching three courses this semester, including “Introduction to Psychology (PSY 3),” “The Behavior Analysis program classes (PSY 607, PSY 659 and PSY 658),” and “Experimental Psychology 1 (PSY 21).”

Dr. Danielle Sauro, a graduate of the psychology doctorate program, has taken over the Introductory Psychology course. Suaro is a new professor on campus. Professor Olegunnar Zetterstroem, a graduate of the Masters of Arts program, has taken over the Experimental Psychology course. Psychology professor, Dr. John C. Neill, is teaching the Behavior Analysis (Experimental Methods in Psychology 1) classes in the Master’s Program.

According to Dr. Nancy Frye, the department is “having conversations” to decide who will take over as chairperson.


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