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PTV Receives New Equipment

By Luis Viloria
Staff Writer

The TV studio in the Department of Communications and Film acquired 1o new Sony NX cameras over the summer. Katherine Dalton, coordinator of the television center and an adjunct professor of electronic media, purchased the cameras from B&H to replace the older cameras that were damaged and outdated.

Photo By Luis Viloria
New Camera (left) compared to old camera (right).

The new cameras offer better picture quality, longer battery, HD display screen and more adjustable settings. Some of the new settings allow control over the pitch and sound of the internal or external microphone, and are able to go over 1080p. The newer model also comes with more external customization features, giving more options for external microphones, grips, lights and other accessories. Each camera cost $1,700. Dalton stated they plan to buy another eight cameras to replace additional older ones.

The cameras are used for broadcasting classes as well as PTV productions. Students are able to borrow the cameras for class projects and or for personal use with permission. Students borrowing the cameras sign them out from the TV studio in Humanities Hall, and pay a $10 late fee if not returned at the agreed upon time.

Alexandra Sanchez, a broadcasting major who has worked in the TV studio for two semesters, is pleased with the new equipment. “The new cameras are bigger and have way more features than the older ones, making the transition a little difficult, but the difference in video quality makes it worth it. [They] feel more professional,” she said.

The only con with the new cameras are their size. The bulkiness and added weight of the new cameras compared to the older versions, make them heavier and harder to carry around. The size and weight, however, is to be expected with the additional new features.

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