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RA’s of Post

By Marissa Hoffmann
Online Editor

With the first month of school completed, students are finally adapting to their new routine, with the help of the resident assistants. RAs are peer leaders who supervise one floor of a residence hall.

According to Ashley John, Interim Director of Campus Life, the RA position is unique and sought-out position. This year, 34 RAs are supervising Post Hall, Riggs Hall, Brookville Hall, Queens Hall, Kings Hall, South Residence Complex and Nassau Hall, which has re-opened this semester due to the larger number of incoming freshmen.

“We look for natural student leaders who embody what it means to be a Pioneer. This includes students who are creative, influential, compassionate and committed to the values of the university. Our RAs play a huge part in making the residence halls feel as a home away from home for our residential students,” John said. RAs serve as a beacon among their peers inside and outside of the residence halls, she added.

“This year my current RA is really putting herself out there by having an updated wheel on her door so residents would know where or what she is doing which is deemed to be helpful,” said Taylor Hill, a senior broadcasting major.

“Being an orientation leader this past summer was an immensely rewarding experience. At first, the incoming freshmen were reluctant to participate in activities. But after just two days you could see the connections they made with each other. Now, I am excited and proud to be their RA and watch their growth as they transition into college, Emily Buonocore, a senior public relations major, said. This is Buonocore’s first time being an RA.

Olivia Kavanaugh, a junior majoring in art education with an art history minor, has been an RA for two years. “This is my second year as an RA and also my second year being a freshmen RA. I feel like that had made all the difference to me, not only do I make sure they are on the right track to being a respectable resident in the future but when they tell you that you made their freshman year great, that is what makes all the late nights and floor meetings worth it,” she said.

This year’s RA’s have created Instagram pages for each dorm to keep in touch with their residents.

Editors Note: Two RA’s have informed the Pioneer that they cannot speak publicly about their position as an RA.

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