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Renovation Saga Continues…

By Jada Butler 
Asst. News Editor

When students returned for the spring semester, they saw small flags on the great lawn, marking the area where a new sprinkler system will be installed on campus.

Photo by Mathew Gelfman
Photo by Mathew Gelfman

“We will be installing a new irrigation sprinkler system on the great lawn and the area in front of Humanities where we have installed new walk ways,” Director of Facilities Services William Kirker said.

This installation is needed to keep the lawn from burning during the hot, dry months of summer, though this has never been an issue before. Fire demonstrations have been done on the lawn in the past, which caused some damage according to Fire Safety Officer Mike Conklin. “Keeping the grass green cuts down from fires,” Conklin said.

Three weeks into the second semester and the renovation to the paths on campus are also still underway. Due to inclement weather, the projects were postponed until the conditions improved. Mass piles of dirt remain next to these newly placed walkways and areas of overturned earth. Alongside the edges of the great lawn is suspected to be the new sprinkler system. Facilities Services did not clarify.

“I honestly don’t understand why [the renovations] would take so long with the amount of workers I’ve seen working on it,” broadcasting major Paul Evans, said. “They should hire a more experienced or dependable crew.”

Last semester, Kirker told The Pioneer the labor for the renovations came from a number of local firms based on a competitive bidding process. He did not disclose the names of any of the firms.

“We are working on finishing up certain paths on campus [and] we will be starting others to continue to keep the campus not only looking good, but also safe for our students and community,” Kirker continued. Facilities Services did not give an estimated end date for the renovations.

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