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Repair Hack: Anonymous Instagram Posts

By Angelique D’Alessandro

News/Online Editor

A anonymous account was created on Instagram with the goal of informing students of damaged facilities across campus. “Everything_Broken_At_Post,” which now has 242 followers and over 50 posts, documents photographs of broken bathrooms, leaking windows and cracked ceiling tiles among other issues.

The creator of the account, who wished to stay anonymous, said in an interview that the impetus to create the profile came from seeing similar actions taken at other schools. “I was inspired by a friend who owns a similar account, “Everything Broken at UArts,” the account manager said.

Over 30 students have contributed to the account, submitting photos via direct message for the account manager to post. Despite the student contributions, the account manager said they haven’t noticed any changes on campus since beginning the account. They remain hopeful, though, that change will come. “I hope in the future that LIU Post will change, since we, the students, are paying a lot in tuition to go to this school,” the account manager said. “The school, in turn, should do their part and get on these problems right away.”

The account manager encourages students with on-campus concerns to contribute to the account. “If you see something out of place, take a picture or video and send it to me,” they said. “I am a student just like you and wish to make a change within our home we call LIU Post.”

Theresa Kelley, a senior political science major, doesn’t think the account will be successful in fostering changes on campus. “I think there are more effective ways to get things done,” she said. “These concerned students are obviously taking important steps in the right direction, but I would advise them to do what I’ve done in the past and literally go straight to Michael Berthel (Associate Dean of Students), and the head of facilities.”

Roy Fergus, the director of facilities services, recommends that students submit facilities service requests online. “Since it is available to be used by everyone on campus, we strongly recommend using it so that we can correct and/or provide the needed service,” Fergus said.

Students with concerns about broken or damaged facilities on campus can submit a service request form online through a unique link for the Post campus, or call facilities services directly at 516-299-2277.


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