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Same Department, New B.S.

By Charlotte Gelfand

Staff Writer

In today’s digital age, where the art of communication has become a dominant fixture in our daily lives, having a degree specializing in it seems fundamental, if not necessary.

The department of communications and film has recently introduced the addition of its bachelor of science in communications degree to its program.

The college of Arts, Communications & Design is
offering a new B.S. in Communications in the fall 2019 semester

Functioning as a sampler platter of the diverse field of communications, the new B.S. degree will offer a thorough and complete survey in areas of journalism, film, broadcasting and public relations. It will also allow students the opportunity to concentrate on these particular areas of interest within the degree. The goal is to provide students with a degree that is both comprehensive and dynamic in preparation for their future careers.

The degree is formatted as a “project-based curriculum,” meaning it will involve different design projects that will ultimately contribute to a broad portfolio of work. “There will be a lot of critical thinking involved. It will be a nice mix of skills and analytical thinking and writing.” Dr. Barbara Fowles, professor and former chairperson of the department of communications and film, said.

The goal is to provide students with a degree that is both comprehensive and dynamic in preparation for future careers. “I think this degree would prepare you to fit in almost anywhere,” Dr. Fowles said..

The decision to incorporate the B.S. degree into the curriculum was prompted by the increased demand for communication and media skills across all industries.

“The communication degree is one of the most sought-after degrees in the business world,” Steven Breese, the dean of the college of arts, communications and design, said. “They need someone who has not just the skills of being able to write, but they also need skills to be able to put up a website and other kinds of applied media skills.”

Breese has been at Post since 2016. “I brought in the expertise and knowledge that students are attracted to it and that the industry needs it and wants it and it married very well with the faculty and the department that we already had in place,” he said.

The primary design and details of the B.S. program is credited to Benjamin Gerdes, assistant professor of broadcasting, and Lisa Robinson, associate professor of film, in addition to a committee of department professors who helped in advising its development.

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