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Scream Queens: “Heathers meets Friday the 13th”

By Melanie Spina
Assistant A&E Editor

“Scream Queens” is Ryan Murphy’s newest show that is, in a way, a combination of his other shows, “Glee” and “American Horror Story.” The show involves several A-List actors, such as Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Oliver Hudson, Abigail Breslin, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande.

80’s slasher films in a way inspired creator Murphy to create “Scream Queens.” Murphy described the show as saying “Heathers meets Friday the 13th”. The premise of the show is basically this: sud- denly a bunch people are murdered on a college campus, but the catch to it is that the audience doesn’t know who is doing it and there is pos- sibility that it could be any of the characters that are presented in each episode.

“It definitely has this ‘Pretty Little Liars’ vibe going on with the whole not knowing who is doing these things,” said Stephanie Michelle, a senior Accounting major, who has been watching the show since it first premiered. “I was very excited for [“Scream Queens”] since I really like most of the actors that are in it and it just looked like a fun and engaging show.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy claims that he was really interested in doing a show like this that had both aspects of scariness and comedy. “What I love about it is when it’s funny, it’s funny. And when it’s scary, it’s scary,” he said.

Michelle admits that the show wasn’t as good as she expected it to be.

“It’s that type of show that is just over the top ridiculous, but it knows that it’s like that so it plays on that,” she said. “But even though it’s not the best show out there, it still leaves you hooked because you always want to know what happens next, you always want more clues as to who is the killer. It’s as if you’re solving the mystery yourself. “

In the interview, Murphy also discussed how Greek Life is a big part of the show. “It’s also a show about the sorority/fraternity system in our country and what’s happening with that, so it’s a satire about that,” he said. When asked, Kristen Esbin, who is receiving her masters in Education and is part of the sorority Delta Zeta, what she thought about the way Greek Life was being portrayed in the show, she said that she be- lieved they were over exaggerating the typical sorority girl and fraternity boy stereotype.

“I only watched a bit of the show and I get that it’s supposed to poke fun at these situations but I do believe it creates more of a stereo- type for sorority girls,” Esbin said. “Which may affect the way people continue to look at Greek Life, when in reality it’s not close to the way it’s portrayed in the show.”

With Halloween coming up, it seems like the perfect time to start watching this show. “I like that it came out now during the fall since it [evokes] that Halloween spooky feel to it,” said Michelle. “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love watching horror things, especially when they have a comical side to it.”
You can watch “Scream Queens” on Fox every Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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