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Should Drivers Be Retested After a While?

By Julian Wilson
Opinions Editor

From casually driving around town on a sunny day, to cruising on a highway or parkway a little above the speed-limit (a little… yeah right), it should always be expected that you drive safely, not only for yourself, but for everyone else on the road around you. It’s a notion we take for granted, but sometimes don’t always follow. When we rush to get to our destinations, not caring whom is in our way, we tend to, like a one-sided proportion, become extremely selfish.

Do we ever wonder why that is? Maybe we are having an off day, or maybe we just don’t have the patience? Well, no matter what the reasoning behind our actions on the road is, it’s always important to drive carefully. However, when everyone looks out for himself or herself, it can be difficult to maintain that standard. So should drivers have to retake their driver’s test every few years?

For drivers of all ages, that question may become a new law, and sooner than you think. Well, at least in Connecticut.

According to WFSB 3, Connecticut’s article entitled, “Drivers could have to be retested for license renewal” (Apr. 3, 2014), the new bill proposal will contain “a licensee seeking renewal of a motor vehicle operator’s license…required to pass a comprehensive test as to knowledge of the laws concerning motor vehicles and the rules of the road.”

The law is approved by the state-senate of Connecticut. It would be coded as Bill No. 335, and would take effect as of Jan. 2016. With this in mind, do Post students think that this is a law that every state should have, or do they think that current driving laws and restrictions are fine the way they are?

Stephanie Lozada, a junior Broadcasting major, thinks that there should be a mutual law for every state. “I honestly do think that people should retake their test. Some people just get too comfortable and they start to act reckless,” Lozada said. For Lozada, it’s more than just a matter of safety, it’s taking proper precaution. “I think there should be tests for people who have had a certain number of accidents in a year or so; or people that have gotten a certain amount of traffic violations,” she said.

Mike Themistocleous, a junior Film major, has similar thoughts on the matter. “I definitely think that there should be something drivers should do to prove they still know the law,” he said. “Whether it’s a class or a road test, we are all responsible for our behavior on the road. If it will keep people safe, do it.”

I personally agree with Lozada and Themistocleous. In my experiences thus far, sitting as a passenger in someone’s car, or in the back seats, it’s important for the driver to drive as if anything can happen at any moment. One wrong swerve, and an accident can turn bad really quick. I would say obey the speed limit (but let’s face it, no one will, and that one’s a given). However, I will say that every life is important and we need to look out for each other, especially when commuting, and keep our roads safe for traffic and transit.

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