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Sorry, No Mattresses Allowed in this Bathroom

Last updated on Feb 12, 2017

By Kristina Huderski
Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the women resident assistants in Brookville Hall held a mandatory meeting for all female residents. The meeting was held at 10 p.m. and took place on the third floor lounge. One Brookville resident wasn’t pleased that the meeting was scheduled so late. “Why does it have to be so late? This is my bedtime. How am I expected to be productive tomorrow if I can’t get enough sleep?” Aida Enamorado, a junior international studies major said. When the four RA’s that run the women’s floors showed up, they handed out M&M’s to lighten the mood of the residents.

Photo by Kristina Huderski Notices posted outside of the men's room in Brookville.
Photo by Kristina Huderski
Notices posted outside of the men’s room in Brookville.

RA Antoinette Daure began the meeting by discussing some of the problems on the women’s floors including bathroom etiquette, quiet hours and the side doors. The women’s bathrooms are not kept up to standards, she reported. Students were leaving hair in the sinks and would not report anything that was broken in the bathroom. If there is something broken in the bathroom, students should either report it to the RA on duty or the office of campus life at 516.299.2800.

Photo by Kristina Huderski
Photo by Kristina Huderski

Daure also mentioned quiet hours, which are Monday-Friday, from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., and asked the residents to be respectful of their neighbors. Brookville side doors were also discussed during the meeting, which can only be used to exit the building from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If caught exiting the doors at any other time or entering the building from those doors at all, students are required to make a donation to Relay for Life at that time and give the money to the RA who caught them.

The RAs also said to not put furniture in the hallways because of recent events with the men’s third floor. On Sept. 16 a bed frame was found in the third floor lounge. Now, there are six pieces of furniture in the lounge, which has since been locked because of this. The RAs asked the women to behave and not be like the “reckless boys.” Daure said that the lounge may be kept locked for the rest of the semester. Two weeks ago, a mattress was also found in the third floor men’s bathroom on the left side of the building. The bathroom is now locked, with a sign on the door reading, “Dear third floor residents, due to recent events, this restroom will be closed until further notice.

Photo by Kristina Huderski
Photo by Kristina Huderski

If anyone has any information regarding why furniture was purposely left here, please contact CLC Peter Lipka at or at 516.299.2498. Thank you.’

When asked when the bathroom will reopen, RA Daure said there is “no time frame really. If we see improvements in the other bathrooms.” Daure said it is really up to the men and how they behave.

Recently, men were found brushing their teeth in the women’s bathroom on the second floor, which is directly below the one that is locked. Kyra Prazer, a Brookville resident, said, “The guys are using our bathroom on the second floor; it’s a little disturbing.”

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