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Spring into Cleaning

By Alecia Sexton
Layout Manager

Spring has sprung! Soon it’ll be time to get outside, start riding bikes, relaxing in the quad, and taking walks with friends. Before we get to the fun, however, there’s something that must be done to ensure a happy and healthy next couple months, and that’s to give our homes and cars a good spring cleaning.

Photo by Alecia Sexton

While none of us may be fond of cleaning, especially when over fifty degree weather is calling us, spring cleaning is a very necessary activity, especially for those of us that suffer from allergies. Although the lovely fall and winter months brought Halloween, Santa and even a New Year; it also brought mold, bacteria, dust, dirt, and stuffiness that we’ve since gotten use to. Often times we become blind to the caked up dust taking residence on the bookshelf, and we even start to consider the bunnies behind doors and under beds to be our pets, but little do we know these things are often quiet contributors to conditions such as asthma, heightened allergic responses to both foods and the environment, and skin irritations.

In fact, the Environmental Protection agency advises those who suffer from allergies of any kind as well as anyone who owns a pet, to do a full house cleaning every six months, so by the time Spring arrives, we’re all most likely long overdue! As well as the obvious surface dusting, window cleaning and tidying up, carpets should be cleaned with soap and water, and chairs, couches and beds should be thoroughly vacuumed.

Spring cleaning also elicits psychological reactions: going through junk mail, getting rid
of unwanted clothes and items, and rearranging rooms have been proven by the American Psychological Association to reduce stress and encourage productivity.

It’s no wonder why spring cleaning has been a ritual of our past for decades. Three or four hours, a vacuum and some gloves seem like a small price to pay for purer air and a clearer head.

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