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Starbucks Sold Out

By Thomas Asbaty
Staff Writer

The Starbucks in Hillwood Commons has been getting a lot of heat lately for its lack of items. Some products, including almond milk and skim milk, have been sold out recently, which has affected customers.

“Starbucks is a daily morning routine for me, but unfortunately sometimes they don’t have a few of the flavors I want which is a bit upsetting,” Taylor McNamara, a senior psychology major, said.

David Conway, the director of operations for Aramark, the food service that oversees the Starbucks on campus, said that the issue is being addressed. “We were put on a new delivery schedule by Starbucks Corporate,” he said. “We have, for the most part, worked through this change and, in the future there should not be an issue. If so, it will be isolated.” Conway noted that the biggest problem he sees with the campus Starbucks “is lack of working and customer space in the Hillwood Café. During busier periods it is difficult to work in the current area,” he said.

The students and faculty who work there didn’t want to comment on the topic, but did tell people to complain so change is made. There was a change in Aramark management for the campus Starbucks location a couple weeks ago. Aramark is trying to meet the new Starbucks standards by training supervisors. All training requires certified barista training and store certification.

Students have noticed that since a recent change of management, Starbucks has had difficulty in keeping products on the shelf. “I go there to get caramel iced coffee and they are out, and then I ask for vanilla chai tea and they are out of that, I just don’t get it,” Chiara Marangelli, a senior childhood education major, said.

The concern expressed most frequently by students is the espresso machine not working. However, Conway has ensured that “the machine is in fact working. It is scheduled for maintenance, which will be done over the next week.”

Conway also stressed that Starbucks strives to be the best that it can be for all students. That is why Aramark takes all students concerns very seriously and always look to address complaints or concerns raised, he said.

Students with complaints or concerns about Starbucks can go to the Aramark offices on the first floor of Hillwood Commons and let them know.


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