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Student of the Week: Michelle Chan

By Anand Venigalla
Staff Writer

Michelle Chan, a freshman broadcasting major, has created a new show, “Savage Hour,” for the campus radio station, WCWP.

Photo by Anand Venigalla Michelle Chan, freshman broadcasting major.

The Pioneer: What is a major project you’re working on?

MC: My major project is getting my radio show together on It’s going to be called ““Savage Hour.” You can check me out on Mondays nights from 6 to 7. It’s an actual live show online and on air at 89.7FM.

TP: What will you be discussing on “Savage Hour”?

MC: A variety of things actually. I’ll be doing some major music news, some of today’s entertainment news, and then a little bit of wrestling ‘cause I’m a huge WWE wrestling fan. I call it “savage” because I feel that best represents my personality.

TP: When did you discover that you were a big wrestling fan?

MC: Since I was five years old! The first match I ever watched was an Undertaker match, and from there on I fell in love with watching wrestling.

TP: What are your hobbies, besides radio and wrestling?

MC: I also like to write; I’m currently writing a fan fiction right now about wrestling and life. It’s a novella. It’s a little on the creepy side but then again, it’s a fanfic so it can be anything I choose, right? It’s not out yet so stay tuned for that.

TP: Where are you from exactly?

MC: My family was from China, but I was born here. I moved once from [Manhattan] to Queens when I was two years old, and then again when I was about eight or so, I moved to Syosset.

TP: When did you first get involved with radio and WCWP?

MC: Actually, I started going on the radio when I was in high school when I was in my sophomore year. I started doing it with a friend of mine and from there I developed a love for it, and I couldn’t get away from radio and what radio was all about, so I decided to make that my career [choice].

TP: What’s your plan for “Savage Hour”? How do you plan to get your audience?

MC: I have an Instagram page set up that you all can follow: @djmigd.wcwp and you can [go there] and get the latest news and updates.

TP: How long is ““Savage Hour”” going to be?

MC: It’s an hour long show and it’s going to be on Mondays, so for those who need Monday stress relief, that’s what I’m there for!

TP: Do you plan to have any guests on your show or do you plan to do this solo?

MC: I’m actually doing this solo right now, but guests are welcome. Just let me know in advance and we’ll try to make that work. You can email me at:

TP: Who are your wrestling heroes and radio heroes?

MC: My wrestling hero would be Roman Reigns. I like his strength and I like the way he owns what he’s doing. [As for radio heroes], a few like Ryan Seacrest for one. I followed his journey pretty closely. There are a lot of things we all can learn from him. And Elvis Duran, because I like the way he puts his show together and the way he goes about it with guests and all, so I picked up a lot from that as well. And he’s had a long way before getting his own show so that’s awesome and inspiring!

TP: What advice would you have for anyone, especially for any student, who wants to get into radio?

MC: Just get used to the environment of radio, because the [environment of radio] is actually very unique and it’s something you either like or don’t like. There’s really no “in-between” with that. And once you’re comfortable with the environment, you really start to get used to everything that goes along with it. And it really just comes down to enjoying the show, making it your own, and being yourself, because radio is the one opportunity where being unique [and/or] di erent is accepted.

TP: So what do you think wrestling has to offer for all of us?

MC: Quite a few things. One, even though wrestling can be fake, it is unique in its own way. For me it was a stress-relief thing, so we can all use it for the fun and pleasure of it. Also, it’s just something great to get your mind off of other things, like to escape life. Another thing is, wrestling offers a whole new way to look at life and people, and their characters. From wrestling, one can easily “align themselves” with characters within a storyline and relate to them which is the really cool thing about watching wrestling.

TP: How does LIU Post feel for you as a first-year student?

MC: You know, it feels great! LIU is very welcoming, everyone here is awesome, and people are super-sweet. And I’ve totally got a whole new group of friends from the Be the Change Club; a lot of the group members are also friends of mine. So, to say I am enjoying it here so far is an understatement because I am more than enjoying it—I am loving it, here at Post!

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  1. Peter Lin Peter Lin Dec 24, 2017

    Excellent job, Michelle Chan. I am proud for you. Keep going, I believe you will be some one in the future !

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