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Student of the Week: Samantha Negron

By Thomas Asbaty
Staff Writer

Samantha Negron, a senior broadcasting major originally from Florida, has worked at WCWP, the campus radio station, since she was an intern during her senior year in high school. Negron moved to Long Island when she was a sophomore in high school and has lived here ever since.

Photo by Thomas Gillen
Photo by Thomas Gillen

After she graduates in May, Negron aspires to work with Z100. Negron says that she had two reasons for becoming involved in radio, “a silly one and a serious one.” As for the silly one, “I got into broadcasting originally because a member of a boy band I enjoyed, One Direction, was dating a broadcaster, so if he could be interested in her then maybe he could be interested in me one day too.”

Negron laughed as she recounted that story, but she shared the real reason, “I got an internship my senior year of high school at Post working at the radio station, and I enjoyed it so much, and it inspired me to come to Post and work in radio,” Negron said with a smile on her face.

Negron is now the Student Program Director of WCWP. She has been on two shows for WCWP and refers to said shows as, “her babies.” She has since been reading the news on WCWP and Midday Madness, a talk and music show during common hour, since her freshman year. Negron was even one of the first hosts for Midday Madness. She has also done the show, Total Access, which has a similar sound to the New York radio station, Z100.

Negron has also had three radio internships off-campus with the network iHeartRadio. She interned at Q104.3, doing mostly board work and helping on-air. Then she interned with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in September 2016, doing audio production and varying on-air tasks.

Now Negron is interning at Maxwell at Night, doing social media and board work for the show. She also has a few shots on air where she creates short conversations. Negron mentioned that of all three of her internships, she has had the most work and hands-on experience at her current one at Maxwell, and that the show is one she would like to do in the future.

Negron has been interning at iHeartRadio for three years now, gaining different experiences in each of the internships. She describes, “It is a dream to be with Maxwell right now, especially with all the air time I get.”.

Does she want to stay with iHeartRadio? Negron answered quickly, “If they hired me of course, no doubt, but I definitely want to stay in iHeartRadio, and it would be a dream to work at Z100 even if it was handing out papers.”

Negron has many goals in radio, but she said her true goal and dream in radio is to have an afternoon show that takes people home from work. She described herself as “not a morning person,” so she wants to work in the afternoon with some talk and mostly songs.

She admitted, though, “maybe I am not a morning person because I am in college and my sleep schedule is messed up, but I just want to take people home with my music.”

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