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Students Prepare for Homecoming

By Angelique D’Alessasndro
Staff Writer

Homecoming is only a few days away, and students are preparing for what will be one of the most important game of the Pioneer football season. The annual event, which takes place on Saturday, Oct. 14, is against Southern Connecticut State University, who the Pioneers defeated last year in a 30-23 victory. This year, the Pioneers expect another win as they head into the big game, and students on campus cannot wait to see another Pioneer win.

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Valenti

Greg Vavrinec, a senior broadcasting major and sports reporter for WCWP, says that homecoming is “super important for all faculty, students, and supporters to attend. It is the biggest and best game of the year so it is encouraged for everyone to come out and  watch.” Vavrinec has an important role in the game, calling the play by play for football. He says he enjoys homecoming because it is one of the most “close and competitive football games of the season. As the game ends, every single play matters.” Vavrinec feels his job as a sports reporter for important games such as homecoming will help prepare him for his career. “All of the little steps of preparation are things that are done in the professional world,” he said. It is because of this that Vavrinec enjoys his job so much during homecoming, and is excited to be a part of this year’s game.

Theresa Kelley, a junior, agrees. She loves homecoming because “it is always great to see the entire campus come together.” She says that at times school spirit is not apparent on campus, yet “[during] homecoming, everyone is really excited about the school and there’s a lot of unity.” Kelley says she has never missed a homecoming game in her years at Post, and that she is most excited about “hanging out with [her] sisters and friends,” and taking a break from the rigor of academics to enjoy the game. For many students, this game is a relaxing reprieve from the business of their week as the middle of the semester and midterm exams approach.

Photo by Adela Ramos
Students represent the school colors, green & gold in honor of homecoming spirit week.

Also excited for the homecoming game is a sophomore business major Alyssa Curzio, who is on the cheerleading team that will be performing on the day of the game. She says that “cheer is getting super prepared and excited for homecoming. We have been practicing every night trying to create a routine and make sure the crowd loves it as much as we do.” Curzio, who is a transfer student, says that this homecoming game means so much to her because she gets to be on the field for her first homecoming as a transfer student.

As Post students begin to prepare for the game, it is clear that they are extremely excited to see a Pioneer victory. To attend the homecoming football game, visit https:// To learn more about the Pioneer football team, visit aspx?path=football.

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