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Students Take Initiative in Rain Storm

By Thomas Gillen
Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the tables and umbrellas outside of Humanities Hall were knocked over due to inclement weather. After seeing the aftermath of the storm, several students came together, independently, and took matters into their own hands, turning back over the tables and umbrellas without being asked.

Photo: Nicole Digiovanni
Photo: Nicole Digiovanni

While the students thought no one was watching, there were actually two witnesses; Dr. Barbara Fowles, the Chair of the Media Arts Department, and Arlene Weydig, the media arts department secretary. The two watched the event unfold through their office window in the front of Humanities Hall.

Dr. Fowles stated that she first witnessed one student’s attempt to straighten the tables. Four or five more students then came over, putting down their backpacks and helped with the cleanup. After the tables were fixed, each student went their own way.

Dr. Fowles expressed her appreciation for this unrequested act of kindness on the part of the students, “They just saw another guy doing it and stopped to help. It was a very nice gesture.” She added, “I think it was a thoughtful thing for them to do, especially in the pouring rain.” The umbrellas attached to the tables have now been taken away, perhaps as a result of this situation. William Kirker, Head of Facilities, did not respond to the Pioneer’s inquiries about why the umbrellas were put away.

Usually when an act of kindness like this occurs, the students in question are recognized in some way. However, since Fowles and Weydig did not know the students, it makes it harder to personally acknowledge their good deed. Dr. Fowles does believe that the students do need to be recognized in some small way.

“I think a story in The Pioneer will be recognition enough…I think just the fact that they were noticed might make other students think about being thoughtful,” Dr. Fowles stated.

While this act was witnessed, some others around campus may not be. Dr. Fowles believes that events like this happen around campus, particularly when someone is in need.

“I do think things like this happen on campus, though maybe not often,” Dr. Fowles said. “I have seen it happen mostly when someone gets hurt or falls ill. People seem to gather around and help in those situations.” She suggested that The Pioneer could incorporate a good Samaritan section, which may encourage students to come forward with other acts of kindness they have seen.

If readers have more information about this event or knows the students, they should contact The Pioneer so these students can be named and properly recognized for their good deed.

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