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Summer Session Registry Now Open

By Tiffany Rose Miller
Staff Writer

Registration for the three summer sessions began in March. Summer session one runs from May 21 – June 22, session two runs from June 25 – July 27 and session three runs from July 30 – August 31, with a weekly schedule of Monday through Thursday classes.

Photo by Tiffany Rose Miller
Sydney Duffy, junior political science major, studying

There are more than 200 courses offered, including accounting, art, astronomy, biology, business, chemistry, cinema, criminal justice, economics, education, English, earth science, finance, foreign language, healthcare & public administration, history, health science, math, music, nursing, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, sociology and theatre.

Students earn three credits during a six week period at a cost of $1,115/per credit for undergraduate courses, $1225/per credit for graduate courses and an additional $469 university service fee.

Sydney Duffy, a junior political science major, is depending on summer classes in order to graduate in May 2019 and to get better grades in her courses. “I am taking summer classes to lessen my workload during the semester. After I switched my major from art therapy, I realized there was a lot of things I needed to complete and it would be far too overwhelming to do throughout the school year. Taking summer classes will allow me to focus on school and internships as well as still having time for work. I am following my own timeline to success,” she said.

Jennifer Mather, a senior criminal justice major, is taking two courses this summer because she is behind in credits. “I’m supposed to officially graduate in May, however, because my success coach did not tell me I was behind in credits, I am forced to take summer classes,” she said.

Ruslan Mamedov, a sophomore biology major, is excited about taking classes this summer, as it would allow him to get some courses out of the way. “I’m taking organic chemistry during summer session one,” he said. “I’m a biology major and we have so many required science courses and some of them are only offered in the fall. I’m taking this one earlier so that I have the opportunity to take a different course this fall,” he said.

Students can register for summer sessions online on the MyLIUportal, or in-person at the office of enrollment services in Kumble Hall.

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