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The Bookshelf: The Search for Wondla

By Josie Rerecich

Staff Writer

“The Search for Wondla” by Tony DiTerlizzi is the first book in the Wondla trilogy, which chronicles the story of Eva Nine. Born in a subterranean sanctuary and being raised by multi- utility task help robot zero-six (Muthr), Eva has never seen another human, yet she dreams of meeting others on the surface. Although Muthr insists that Eva is the only one of her kind, Eva has proof that she is not the only human on Earth.

The proof comes in the form of a strange artifact that Eva found, the only thing she did not receive from Muthr. Eva dubbed it her Wondla, because those were the only letters on the object that she could decipher. A picture on the Wondla depicts a human girl and man, walking with a robot through a field of flowers.

When a mysterious hunter invades the sanctuary, Eva is forced above ground to find flora and fauna unlike anything she studied. Eva soon discovers that she was not living underneath

the planet Earth, but beneath an alien planet called Orbona. An alien named Rovender Kitt and a behemoth creature joined Eva and Muthr. Throughout the book they travel Orbona to discover why Eva was put on an alien planet, all while being pursued by the hunter that destroyed the sanctuary.

By the book’s climax, the plot of “The Search for Wondla” turns toward a twist ending about Orbona that was hinted at throughout the story. However, just before the twist is revealed the surprise is spoiled by a sign that Eva and Rov- ender read just before realizing the truth behind Orbona. And the other big reveal, which tells the reader just what the Wondla is, happens to be a bit anticlimactic.

Despite its flaws, “The Search for Wondla” is a great sci-fi read for readers who enjoy mysteries and twists in their stories. This first book is fun read, with excellent world building, and yet isn’t afraid to make a reader cry. Altogether, “The Search for Wondla” is the perfect start to a fascinating trilogy.

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