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The Fantastic Four Seasons

By Jenny Edengard
Assistant Opinions Editor

One of the perks of living on Long Island is having four seasons, which may be something that students might overlook as they spend most of their days inside classrooms or in the library. This semester, it seems as if fall doesn’t want to part ways, still providing us with warm and mild temperatures.

Photo: Jenny Edengard
LIU Post Campus. Photo: Jenny Edengard

Long Island’s climate is influenced by its location on the Atlantic Ocean, allowing a moderately sunny climate. Because of its location in a transition zone between a humid subtropical climate classification and a humid continental climate, Long Island has cold and snowy winters, and warm and humid summers; in between those seasons we have spring and fall to adjust between the two extremes.

What season do students at Post prefer? Is it the blooming spring, the humid air-conditioned summer, the colorful crisp fall or the winter filled recently with snow days?

“Fall is my favorite season because it offers such a nice scenery; anywhere you look there is a pop of colors,” said TaeJin Jeong, a senior economics major. “I like fall the most because the air is not dusty. I have allergies so during summer and spring I struggle. So when fall comes, it’s such a relief. I do like winter too, but in comparison to fall, winters are too harsh and cold.”

Hanit Gluck, a senior English major agreed. “Fall is my favorite season because it so beautiful when the leaves are colorful, which makes you want to go outside. It might rain and the temperature gets cooler during fall here in New York. I especially like that [because] it reminds me of winter in Israel, where I’m from.”

Yet, other students choose summer. “Summer is my favorite season, because I feel freer. It’s a break from school and obligations,” said Brooke Matza, a sophomore with an undecided major. “I associate it with more events happening and more leisure time. I especially like the fact that the days are longer during summer.”

No matter what your favorite season is, fall is slipping away. If it happens to be your favorite season, try to look up from that book in the library and enjoy it while you can, because before you know it we’re on to the next one.

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