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To Greek, or Not to Greek?: Sorority Edition

By Destiny Diggs
Staff Writer

Joining a greek organization in college can be one of the most anticipated extra curricular activities students look forward to joining during their college career. During recruitment week, the last week of September and the first week of February, organizations speak with prospective members. The organizations explain their values, what joining the organization entails, the benefits of joining and students make the decision whether to join the sisterhood or brotherhood.

Photo by Georgina Peralta
Casey McManus of Alpha Xi Delta, senior early
childhood education major

Casey McManus, a member of Alpha Xi Delta and senior early childhood education major, encourages students to join a sorority to discover new found potential. “By joining a sorority you will be able to gain a lifetime of sisterhood, leadership and will be more involved on campus,” McManus said.

McManus decided to join because she had friends in the sorority and they thought she would be a good asset. McManus describes Alpha Xi Delta as diverse and a sorority that stands on the fundamentals of philanthropy. For students who wish to join Alpha Xi Delta there will be an opportunity during the fall 2018 semester during recruitment week. She gives this advice to prospective sorority members. “Always remember to keep an open mind, and attend all of the interest events hosted by the sorority you are interested in joining,” McManus said.

Sigma Delta Tau member, and senior public relations major Kyra Rose, found herself after joining a sorority. “It gives me a sense of purpose and identity on this campus, especially because I transferred as a junior. I never made close friends like an average student would during freshman year,” she said. Rose took part in rush events Sigma Delta Tau held during recruitment week and met her sisters. “You have a six week learning period with a new member educator to help you learn about the history of Sigma Delta Tau while you create a bond with your pledge class as well as an active sister,” Rose said.

Photo by Georgina Peralta
Cayla Michael, junior musical theater major and
Kyra Rose, senior public relations major

Sigma Delta Tau’s motto is “Patriae Multae Spes Una,” meaning, “One hope of many people.” As stated in the mission statement, the 1917 founded Sigma Delta Tau shares the same passion of empowering each member to reach their fullest potential. “We work together to fundraise money for our philanthropy as well as have sisterhood events that create a stronger bond as a chapter,” Rose said. Sigma Delta Tau fundraises for Jewish women all across the globe and donates to initiatives that support the fight against child abuse.

Cayla Michael, a junior musical theater major, said she found a home and became a part of something that is bigger than herself through greek life. “Something that really drew me to this sorority was the message of empowering women. I loved the fact that this was a sorority that was made up of strong and powerful group of women that we dedicated to supporting each other and encouraging each other to be the best we can possibly be,” Michael said.

Michael strongly believes anyone who is passionate about philanthropies, bettering the community and empowering women should become a member of Sigma Delta Tau. “We are always looking for strong, powerful, leaders who are ready to have a voice and be a part of something incredible,” Michael said.


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