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To The Pioneer Staff

December 7, 2016
To the Pioneer staff,

As you know, I rarely contribute to the Pioneer since this is YOUR newspaper. However, for your last fall issue of your 60th anniversary year, I want to say how proud I am of the work that you do. A great university deserves a great newspaper, and each of you works in so many ways, big and small, to ensure that the Pioneer is a great newspaper.

As this is Maxime’s last issue, I want to especially express my gratitude to him for his tireless work and unwavering commitment to the Pioneer. I believe that he has been the Pioneer’s longest serving editor-in-chief, and he has done so with grace and collegiality, extraordinary writing and reporting skills, and (perhaps most importantly) a sense of humor. He has been a true leader.

To Caroline, Thomas, Shelby, Alec, Nicole, and Joey, you have big shoes to fill. Yet, I am confident that next semester you will continue to provide what the LIU Post community deserves – full, fair, unbiased and thorough coverage of all the news, arts and sports on campus.

To the countless friends of the Pioneer, including, in no particular order, Barbara Fowles, Gary Miller, Charles Conover, Marge Hallissy, John Lutz, Joan Digby, Amy Freedman, Chris Kerr, Donald Bird, Benj Gerdes, Willie Hiatt, Kay Sato, Peter Josyph, and so many others, thank you for your ongoing support. Our students are so lucky to have you.

To the Pioneer’s loyal alumni, thank you for reliably looking for the paper online every week and for letting us know regularly how passionately you care about it. And, to Marissa, thank you for posting the Pioneer late on Tuesdays so that they can read it!

To Nicole Rosenthal, our fearless high school senior who has freelanced for the Pioneer all semester and who attended our summer journalism institute last summer, thank you for your worthy contributions this semester. You will go far.

To Abeetza, thank you for feeding the staff, because they certainly couldn’t write as well as they do without food.

To Michael, thank you for reliably sending in Pioneer stories for Blank Slate Media every Sunday. The greater Long Island community appreciates them.

And, to the rest of the Pioneer’s editors, assistant editors, reporters, columnists, photographer, copyeditor, layout team, circulation manager, promotions manager, and other staff members, thank you all for your hard work. I’m sure that you don’t hear it enough, but I want you to know that your efforts matter and are appreciated.

Happy holidays! Enjoy your well-deserved break.

Carolyn Levin Faculty Adviser

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