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US Air Force Concert Band

By Destiny Diggs
Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 4, the U.S. Air Force Concert Band will perform at the Tilles Center at 7:30 p.m. with free admission. “We are very excited to host all military bands specifically because we are able to offer performances to the public free of charge,” William Biddle, executive director of Tilles Center, said. “I think it’s a great service that our government is providing throughout all of the United States.”

Photo by Destiny Diggs
Vanessa Kellogg, assistant director of marketing
and communications

This will be the second military band the Tilles Center has hosted in 2018. “Military bands love to perform here because of the great acoustics and because they want to perform for the community,” Biddle said.

The concert band consists of 184 members and performs under the leadership of conductor and commander, Colonel Larry H. Lang. Lang has supervised the musicians since March 2012. He equips, trains and deploys the airman musicians. Prior to the U.S. Air Force Concert Band, Lang led the Air Force Band of the Pacific in Alaska, the Air Force Heritage of America Band in Virginia, the Air Force Band of Liberty in Massachusetts, and the Air Force Academy Band in Colorado.

The U.S. Air Force Concert Band is based in Washington, D.C. and is held in the highest regard in the Air Force as a musical ensemble. The band contains six performing groups: Air Force Strings, Airmen of Note, Ceremonial Brass, Concert Band, Max Impact, and Singing Sergeants. The mission of the U.S. Air Force Concert Band is to promote patriotism, honor past and present soldiers, and represent the United States of America.

The Concert Band and Singing Sergeants perform most often of the six performing groups. Both musical ensembles have appeared on national television broadcasts such as their annual holiday ashmob.

The band will perform selections including, “The Chimes of Liberty,” “West Side Story: Maria & Tonight,” “New England Triptych: Chester,” “A Night at the Opera,” and “Proud to Serve: A Patriotic Salute.”

The staff at Tilles Center are looking forward to hosting such an honorable band. “It’s an United States Air Force band which is world-renowned, it’s an honor to present them to our community,” Vanessa Kellogg, assistant director of marketing said.

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