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VPAA Kane Steps Down

By Katherine Tavarez
Staff Writer

“I am not particularly interested in getting a good job, I want a good life, where I am happy as a human being,” Jeffrey Kane, LIU’s Vice President for Academic said when announcing that he plans to step down from his position in August.

Kane wasVice President for Academic Affairs in 2002 and since then has overseen the university’s academic operations and initiatives across all of LIU’scampuses. His final day in the position will be Aug. 31, 2017.

Kane has a bachelor’s degree in education from Queens College, a master’s degree in early childhood education/elementary education from Adelphi University and a doctorate in philosophy of education in the area of epistemology of science from New York University. Kane is an active and vocal scholar, writing and publishing on the philosophy of knowledge and educational policy.

“Educate me in a way that is meaningful,” Kane said. “That is what I wanted to do. This is why I have been interested in student centered education. I much rather say, how do you see the world? Let’s develop it, let’s explore it. “

Kane believes it is much more important to work with students and figure out how they see the world As the university’s chief academic officer, he has been able to apply his knowledge. He has spent a lot of time navigating the complexity of the institution, but now he believes it is time for him to do what he loves and write his books.

“I have been able to do it partially here but not how I want. Institutions are much more complex and require a lot more [time], which makes it harder [to write],” Kane said.”

After August,he plans to write while also traveling with his wife Janet, to whom he has been married for 43 years. Their plans include trips to Japan, Bali and Israel. He plans to use these travel experiences for his books.

“Life is finite and I want to do what I really want to do. I want my kids to look at my books and say wow, look what my dad has done,” Kane said.

Kane doesn’t plan on resting.He believes he has given his all to the university and he cares about every single student.But he has much more to accomplish outside of campus.

“In my view, the new senior vice president for academic affairs will have very large shoes to fill,” said Nardy O. Madera, who has worked with Kane as his administrative assistant for years.

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