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What’s on Your Wish List for Christmas?

By Jenny Edengard
Assistant Opinions Editor

Finals week has been scheduled unusually late this semester, and students have come to realize that this year, they might have to juggle cramming in ways to attain Christmas spirit between long study sessions because the last final exams are on Dec. 22. So, in between writing papers, students might have to write their wish lists. Some students have already started and know what’s on their wish list.

Early childhood education major Megan Draghi. Photo: Jenny Edengard
Early childhood education major Megan Draghi.
Photo: Jenny Edengard

“My mom asks me to make a list every year so she has some ideas of what to buy,” said Melissa Grossi, an early childhood education senior. “The one thing I really wish to get on my list this year is a new purse, I’ve set my eyes on a Michael Kors bag.”

“On my list are new dress clothes like ties and a suit. I am starting student teaching next year and will soon need it for work,” said Justin Boba, a childhood education senior.

Miranda Higgins, an senior English major, doesn’t have a wish list but is excited for exchanging gifts. “I never write a list, as I don’t care for what the actual material possession is,” she said. “It’s the thought that counts, plus, this way it’s more of a surprise.”

Some students don’t wish for material items, instead their wishes seem to be things that money can’t buy. “My biggest wish is to have a job by the beginning of 2016, so I can quit my part time job when I graduate in the spring,” said Megan Draghi, a senior childhood education major.

One student has already gotten a head start from her wish list. “I got a new computer just now, because mine broke,” said Christina Kotarski, a senior English education major. “Since I need it for school, I got it in advance. So this year, Christmas came early.”

According to, the best selling technology gift product of 2015 has been the Fitbit, a charge wireless wristband, and they estimate that it will he one of the best selling tech products that will be on people’s wish lists. The Fitbit monitors your sleep patterns, and tracks you workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, and steps taken.

If you haven’t made a list yet, you better get to it. As we all know, if you don’t have a list, Santa might assume that you’ve been bad this academic year.

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