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Women’s Rugby Looks to Gain NCAA Status

Story by Quedus Babalola
Staff Writer

The women’s rugby team has made it clear that it is a force on campus not to be ignored. On Feb. 18, 2016, the Director of Athletics and Recreation Bryan Collins announced that the school would be adding women’s rugby to its list of sport clubs in the 2016-2017 academic year. Fast forward to January of 2017 and the girls are in the process of becoming an official NCAA team. The team now has 18 players, three managers and one coach.

Photo courtesy of rugby team
Photo courtesy of rugby team

A majority of the games they have played so far are usually on other campuses, including Manhattanville College and Bard College. As a result, support from the Post campus when they have away games is pretty scarce, but when the match is brought back home, many are cheering these girls on. Attendance at rugby games was scarce at first, but support has grown as the team has grown more successful.

William Monroe, a senior nance major, was surprised the team was even still around. “I have seen teams and clubs come and go left and right so it’s surprising but amusing to hear that they are still around but even about to become an official team, they should pat themselves on the back.” Monroe said.

Many students are still unaware that the rugby team has been formed. The school’s official social media accounts don’t include posts pertaining to the team. And because many of the team’s first games have been away, Post students have not travelled to watch the matches. Taylor Hill, the team’s captain, who is a junior broadcasting major, feels as though the lack of promotion hasn’t benefited the team in any way. “It’s frustrating because we should have more promotion regardless if we are a varsity team or not,” Hill said.” “We’re also in transition into becoming part of the NCAA, so I feel as though we should be promoted more. Many people don’t know that we’re still on campus and we’re always looking for members.”

While they are looking for more teammates, Shakira Clarke, a sophomore public relations major, would rather keep her team the way it is. “I honestly love my teammates. I’ve met some of my closest friends through rugby, Clarke said. “Our bonds are unbreakable. I think the coach brought the best group of girls together and created a beautiful little family.”

With their first game of the pre-season scheduled in March, the team is practicing every day during common hour and in the evenings to get ready for the season. No pads, no helmets, just a ball.

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