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Writing Prize Returns to Post

By Thomas Gillen

After a two-year absence, the Cosenza Prize returns to Post this semester to celebrate the non-fiction work of undergraduate writers. The prize originated in 2003 after the sudden death of teacher Joseph Cosenza. Sponsored by the Writing Center and the Dean’s office of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, students are allowed to submit writing that is five to 10 pages long and is either argumentative, analytical, a research paper, creative, or an essay.

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Mary Pigliacelli, the director of the Writing Center and an adjunct professor of English, is excited that the Cosenza Prize is returning. “Everyone at the Writing Center is in the trenches with the students when it comes to writing. It’s nice that this contest celebrates and recognizes writing and is able to build a community awareness for it.”

Pigliacelli stated that the Writing Center does not usually see the revisions students make to their work, so this contest allows them to see how the students have improved from their first draft to their final draft. “Fiction and poetry often get celebrated at the Poetry Center but non-fiction is usually not recognized. We try to create a culture of writing on campus at the Writing Center and it’s great to be a part of it and to raise awareness of writing across campus,” Pigliacelli said.

The contest is currently running through Friday, April 14, and will award $100 to the winner. Entries have to be dropped at the Writing Center in Humanities 202 and the winner’s name will be posted outside the room on May 5. The submission must include two copies and can be either hand written or located online. Students also have to include a cover sheet with their contact information, title of the work, and where it can be accessed if it is located online. For more information, contact the Writing Center at 516-299- 2732 or email

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