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Yin’s SAL Gallery Exhibit

By Thomas Gillen
Assistant A&E Editor

Yuan Yin is a fine arts major currently in her last semester. She is also the most recent artist to have her work exhibited at the SAL Gallery in the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library. Her exhibit will run from Feb. 9-13, with the opening reception on Feb. 10 at 8 p.m.

Yuan Yin is having her work exhibited in the SAL Gallery. Photo courtesy: Yuan Yin
Yuan Yin is having her work exhibited in the SAL Gallery.
Photo courtesy: Yuan Yin

When Yin is creating new pieces of art, she draws inspiration from “[her] real life, [her] memory, and the deep feel from [her] heart.” To promote her work and inform readers of upcoming exhibits, Yin operates her own website. In this exhibit, Yin’s art is based around the idea of who she is. “I will be doing a performance in this show, to use my body to climb the mountain and the idea is dependent on a question – who am I?” Yin said.

For the past two years, she has been studying contemporary art. During these two years, she was inspired to create artwork based around the image of a mountain. This mountain, due to the connection she feels with it, inspired most of the artwork in her exhibit. “In my mind, it is not only a mountain landscape. It has a deeper meaning for me personally, but also gives me a sense of security. I have always been attracted by the shape of the triangle, it indicates stability and life.”

For this exhibit, Yin chose a large canvas to draw a mountain. She is always striving to challenge herself and improve as an artist. Throughout her life, she has been reaching for higher goals that are outside of her comfort zone. Her recent work represents her feelings and acts as a summary of the past two years she has been studying art. Yin feels that the past two years have been very important for her as she transitions from what she calls a traditional painting artist, to a more rounded, contemporary artist.

According to Noel Zahler, the dean of the School of Visual and Performing Arts, students in the fine arts program “are expected to have a solo show or a shared show by their senior year.” Dean Zahler also stated that the art department makes the final decision on what exhibits are present in the SAL Gallery, since they are the experts in the field.

This upcoming exhibition represents an important time in Yin’s career as an artist. She wants this show to be a perfect ending for the first part of her career, as she starts a new chapter to become an independent artist. After Yin graduates, she plans to continue her career as an artist by receiving the O-1 visa, a nonimmigrant visa that is given to those who are particularly advanced in fields like the arts, sciences, or education. With this visa, Yin wants to travel the world for a year while putting on exhibits in different countries and garnering reviews for her work.

For more samples of Yuan Yin’s work, visit http://yuan11artist.

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