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Adele’s New Album “25”: Surprisingly Ordinary

By Melanie Spina
Assistant A&E Editor

On Friday, Nov. 20, singer-songwriter Adele made her comeback, after not releasing new music for about three years, with her new album “25.” A few months ago, she released the hit single “Hello,” sparking excitement among both fans and non-fans alike. “To be honest I was never a huge fan of Adele,” said Marisa Kofmehl, a senior public relations major. “It’s not that I thought her music was bad I just was never interested in it, but with ‘Hello’ I found myself constantly playing it on repeat.”

Adele recently released her new album, “25." Adele/Twitter
Adele recently released her new album, “25.”

“Hello” is a song filled with deep emotion that talks about trying to ask your former lover for forgiveness but they never seem to respond, as she sings, “When I call you never seem to be home”. The song has been extremely successful and it created more anticipation and more excitement for the new album.

Unfortunately, when the album was released various fans, myself included, found the album to be surprisingly ordinary. “I was extremely excited when I found out Adele was [releasing] a new album,” said Jawaan Smith, a senior arts management major. “I’ve been a fan for a while and I love her to pieces, but I have to say this album definitely wasn’t what I was expecting.”

Now, the album isn’t a bad album, Smith assures us that Adele’s voice shines right through in every song. “The music isn’t bad, the album is a good album, it’s just very ordinary and I think a lot of people just had really high expectations after listening to Hello,” said Smith. “It’s not much different from ‘21’ (her last album) but I think ‘21’ is even better than this one.”

Ileana Lado, a senior psychology major, who is also a big fan of Adele’s music, agrees that the album wasn’t quite what she was expecting. “The album is more pop than I expected based off the two singles released before the album dropped,” Lado said.

Lado does admit that she has been listening to the album on repeat many times since it was released. “I have to say that the song that resonated with me the most is ‘All I Ask’,” she said. “It’s probably one of my favorite ballads she’s ever written.”

Another issue that Smith found with the album was the cost of it on iTunes. “To buy the entire album it cost you about $11 which I was fine with until I realized that there are only 11 songs on the album,” said Smith. “I don’t know I just think that’s a bit ridiculous when there are other artists selling albums with up to 17 tracks for a similar price.”

Smith admits that he will probably still buy the album since it’s not on the music streaming service, Spotify. “I am still a huge fan of her voice and I do love her so I will probably purchase the album eventually, but I do think it’s a bit overpriced for just 11 tracks.”

The album “25” definitely has inspiring songs and considering Adele’s voice, sometimes that’s just enough to make a good album. When it comes down to it, even though the album is very ordinary, with not much variety, Adele’s voice makes it a powerful record.

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