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Ariana Grande Album Review

By Quedus Babalola
Staff Writer

Ariana Grande has been in the news recently, especially after a donut-licking incident. The “Love Me Harder” singer decided to go the mature root for this album.

Dangerous Woman is comprised of 12 songs (the deluxe version comes with two extra songs). Grande starts the album off with a song that was meant to be on her previous album but didn’t make the cut. She sings of finding a love that she never though she could find to “till she met him with the moonlight.”

She then switches up the flow of the album by introducing her dangerous self. In “Dangerous Woman,” she belts about how he makes her feel like a dangerous woman and makes her do things she normally wouldn’t.

Later on in the album she teams up with Nicki Minaj for the reggae-inspired track, “Side to Side.” Grande sings about riding bicycles that make her walk side to side, while Nicki Minaj reminds listeners that she is the “Queen of Rap,” and even lets it be known that “Ariana runs pop.”

She ends off the album by telling a past lover that she misses the romance they had before and just continues to think about him. Overall, Grande has solidified to her audience that she’s more than just a teen pop star and that she’s also a grown woman who is going to continue living a “Dangerous Lifestyle.”

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