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Balancing School & Your Social Life

By Kristina Huderski
Features Editor

With little over a month left in the spring semester, many students are overwhelmed with schoolwork and deadlines. Students are trying to do well in their classes and still have time for themselves. Whether it is going out with friends, getting a manicure, exercising at the gym or enjoying a sport, many students struggle with finding the time for their social lives.

Time management is key when it comes to balancing not just school, but your life in general. Planning

Photo by Kristina Huderski  Sarah Meehan, a junior early childhood education major
Photo by Kristina Huderski
Sarah Meehan, a junior early childhood education major

ahead is always practical because you are able to schedule time for activities that you enjoy. Once you get schoolwork out of the way, you are able to relax and have some “you” time. Time management can also help students get the sleep that they need in order to be energized for morning classes. Personally, I never get enough sleep because my time management is always off. Not getting enough sleep affects my ability in class the next day and also causes me to knock out early on the weekends, when I would have the time to enjoy myself.

Sarah Meehan, a junior early childhood education major who is also on the dance team, tries to balance school, dance, and her social life. With the dance team starting their nationals season, practices are becoming harder and longer, leaving her with less time. For Meehan, time management is very important. “You have to be aware of the time that you have and that you don’t have. I’m the type of person that likes to get things done before I focus on the next thing I have to do,” she said. Meehan makes sure she gets her work done before any of her other activities so that she can focus and have fun. “It makes me feel good at practice knowing I got my work done and am now able to get some sleep when I’m done.”

Many students achieve the proper balance with the help of a planner. Rebecca Torres, a junior arts

Photo by Kristina Huderski  Rebecca Torres, a junior arts management major
Photo by Kristina Huderski
Rebecca Torres, a junior arts management major

management major, uses her planner religiously. “My planner is my friend and keeps me on top of everything, both my school life and social life. Anytime something important comes up, it immediately goes on it, whether it’s a double date with friends or the date for my next English test,” Torres said. Having a planner, both physically and on your phone, helps with time management because you are able to visually see everything that you have to do. Setting reminders on your phone help you remember events and homework that you may have forgotten about.

Even though school should be a priority, especially at the end of the semester, you should always leave time for yourself. “I always try to put school first, but at the end of the day, we need time away from school and going out with friends is a stress reliever,” Torres said. If students pace themselves and don’t procrastinate, they can still go out and enjoy activities that they love. Nothing feels better than going out and enjoying yourself knowing that all of your school work is done.

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