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Be the Change Brings Positivity this Fall

By Morgan Kashinsky

Staff Writer

The Be The Change club is celebrating its third anniversary on campus this November. Club president Adam Silverstein is excited for the upcoming events this semester.

Throughout the week of September 17, they ran their bake sale to raise money for Challenge Day, the organization behind the inspiration for the club. “It’s more than just a bake sale,” Silverstein said. People can also write positive post-it notes or compliments on index cards.

Silverstein, a junior social work major, started the club during his first year at Post. The club has since been a strong presence at Post, known for leaving surprise positive messages for students to find around campus.

The first major club event was a mixer on Sunday, Sept. 9. “[It was] a chance for everyone to kick of the school year,” Silverstein said. Freshmen were able to get involved and meet other members in their official introduction to the club.

Club members are still planning their next big event, but students can expect it to happen around the second week of October. The goal of the next event is “to show love to ourselves and to take care of yourself, and to have a healthy relationship with yourself,” Silverstein said. They will also host a Halloween Spooktacular, Thanksgiving and winter holiday parties.

Silverstein is planning a new event this year – a diversity showcase. “[It’s] a celebration of different cultures, races, religions [and] abilities; a celebration of how we can appreciate each other’s differences,” he explained.

Matt Goldstein, a senior criminal justice major and the vice president of Be the Change, said he’s looking forward to “getting more members to the club; [and attracting] more outsiders to the events.”

Goldstein is looking forward to You Are Noticed Day. “It helps [students] who feel left out know that they are noticed and loved,” he said. The event allows students to talk about their personal experiences. “This year, I’m going to talk about how LIU has helped me become more social and to expand.”

The Be the Change club meets every Thursday during common hour in Hillwood Commons room 221.

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